The Classy Cigarillos Case

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This Leather case will give elegance and refinement to your packet of cigarillos. As other items of the Leather Elegances line, it is crafted from a single piece of leather. This functional article slips easily into a jacket or pants pocket. 


Product Details : 

  • Moroccan Traditional leather 
  • Leather magnetic button 
  • Engraved with the new “Leather Elegances” logo 
  • Can hold from 10 to 20 cigarillos

Fall 20 

Made in Casablanca - Morocco 

Line : Cigarillos Case 


Product & Material : 

Our leather care begins with removing any dirt using a soft cloth, followed by application of a wax of the right color for the shoes, followed by a clear leather wax to feed and protect the leather. Finish by buffing energetically with the polishing glove to restore the leather to its full shine. 


Dimensions : 

Length: 10 cm 

Width: 6,5 cm 

Thickness: 3 cm